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Summer footwear for men – get a pair you’ll wear again and again

Tweet The clichéd image of a British man on holiday sporting socks and sandals should have been long buried; but unfortunately it’s a sight that can still regularly be seen. For many men choosing appropriate footwear can be a bit of a battle. It can be hard to select occasion appropriate footwear that will keep […]

packing the travel essentials Fashion Savings

Last minute holiday essentials – get only what you need

Tweet When heading out on holiday, it’s always recommended that you plan plenty ahead – after all, you don’t want to end up at your desired resort without the right attire. After all, what use are jeans on the Mediterranean, or hiking boots on the beach? Be sure to kit yourself out with some of […]

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Plus size clothing: A growing market

Tweet While you may head in to some high street shops and feel like you are the only woman in Britain who is over a size 14, the truth is the UK market for plus-size clothing has never been bigger. According to research analysts Mintel (August 2010) the UK market for plus-size clothing grew by […]

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Minogue Ditches Heels For Baby

Tweet New mum Danni Minogue is planning to swap her stillettos for some more sensible footwear according to her blog. The Aussie pop star who is usually a fan of skyscraper heels has confessed that her newly mobile baby is keeping her on the move constantly, so she has been forced to reconsider her footwear […]

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Festival Fashion Checklist

Tweet The field of a festival is one place where you can usually expect an ‘anything goes’ attitude fashion-wise. That said there are some items which are sensible to pack so that you are prepared come rain or shine. Wellies – You should never head to a festival without a pair of wellies whatever the […]

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Old man with hearing aid

Don’t let hearing problems hold you back

Tweet Hearing loss affects more people than you might think – charity group Action on Hearing Loss suggests that over ten million people in the UK suffer from some kind of hearing loss – representing around one in s...
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Cargo shorts

Achieve your goals on a budget

Tweet The new year brings with it the hope – and pressure – of becoming a new you. You may want to better your style, your career and your life in general, but how do you go about it when money’s tight after t...
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How to save using voucher codes

Tweet You may have heard of your friends and relatives boasting of huge savings on everyday items using sites such as Groupon, but for the uninitiated, just how do you sort out the great opportunities from the rest using vouche...
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Choosing economy in your next car

Tweet What do you want from a car? In an ideal world, you might plump for one of James Bond’s many vehicles, complete with all the Q-branch gadgets you could ever want. But in reality, in the current climate you’re ...
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Taking care of your pet in the winter

Tweet Many pets enjoy the snow, but some are not as well prepared for the colder weather as their big, thick coats would have you believe. If you own a cat or dog which enjoys the outdoors, rising vet and insurance costs mean t...
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Old man with hearing aid

Dealing with hearing loss

Tweet Hearing loss affects more than ten million people in the UK, according to charity group Action on Hearing Loss, which is more than one in six of the population. By 2015, this figure is set to reach 14.5 million, it predic...
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