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January 9, 2013

Dealing with hearing loss

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Hearing loss affects more than ten million people in the UK, according to charity group Action on Hearing Loss, which is more than one in six of the population. By 2015, this figure is set to reach 14.5 million, it predicts.

The impacts of hearing loss can be both social and financial. Not being able to communicate with others often means being left out of conversations, and can lead people to avoid social situations altogether. If you’re still working, unaddressed hearing loss may hamper your career progression – being a good communicator is vital for most senior jobs you may be looking at.

If you notice than you are having to turn the television up louder, or are starting to miss parts of conversations – particularly where there is background noise – you may have degenerative hearing loss. It can be difficult for some people to face up to, but there are things that can be done to help if you tackle the problem early enough. You should also look out for older relatives, and look for the tell-tale signs of hearing loss.

Part of taking early action is having hearing tested by a professional. Hearing aid specialists such as Amplifon have centres all over the country, and will provide a free and thorough examination of your hearing capacity.

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