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June 3, 2011

Festival Fashion Checklist

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The field of a festival is one place where you can usually expect an ‘anything goes’ attitude fashion-wise. That said there are some items which are sensible to pack so that you are prepared come rain or shine.

Wellies – You should never head to a festival without a pair of wellies whatever the weather forecast is. Plus, with boots available in a range of funky prints, they tie in perfectly to that quirky festival-fashion feel. If you are a stickler for high fashion even in the field, follow in the celebs’ footsteps and pick up a pair of Hunters.

Sunglasses – A pair of shades will help you avoid squinting at the stage and give you something to hide behind should you develop a lager-fuelled hangover. Choose from summer classics such as aviators and wayfarers or opt for a fun pair of retro plastic sunnies in one of the season’s bright shades.

Hat – Although you will find a cracking selection of hats on sale at most festivals it’s wise to take your favourite with you. Not only will it shield your eyes from the sun and your head from the rain, you’ll also be able to hide your less-than-clean hair inside it.

Hoody – Even on a warm summer’s night a well-worn hoody can provide comfort, or a welcome pillow substitute inside an uncomfortable tent. If the weather is inclement it will also provide warmth and protection. For extra street cred wear a band hoody – after all you are at a festival.

Dress – This might seem like an odd inclusion, but if the temperature starts rising you will be grateful of a light floaty number. Pretty floral dresses have the added benefit of looking great with wellies and offer a great level of comfort (unless it’s windy of course).

Shorts – It might seem a little optimistic to pack a pair of these, but even in the mud shorts are a popular festival choice and if the sun does shine you can work on your tan; just be sure to pack a pair of long socks too to wear with your wellies.

Vest top – As above, a vest top will be a welcome outfit addition if you are blessed with sunny weather, but can of course be teamed up with your hoody should the sun hide behind a cloud. It also counts as clever packing as it will take up such little space in your backpack.

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