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May 22, 2011

Interview Tips For The Over 40s

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If you have been made redundant from your current role, or are seeking a new position, the quest can be made harder if you are perceived as being an ‘older’ worker. Despite 40 being firmly ‘under the hill’ and UK employees working longer, many jobseekers can still encounter prejudice. If you make it to the interview stage for a position, chances are your prospective employer will have some idea of your age due to your experience, even if you have kept your date of birth of your CV, so what can you do to impress when you arrive?

It may be the case that you find yourself being interviewed by HR representatives or even a prospective line manager who is younger than you. Be careful to show this does not put you off. Stress your skills and experience not your age. Ask if the team in general is young and consider personally whether this would be a problem for you. It may be that the company will prioritise your skills, however they will want to know you can work with the existing staff.

If you have left a position due to redundancy and have applied for something it is possible that employers may be wary that you might be applying for a ‘stop-gap’ job and could be concerned that you might only stay short-term. To quell these fears show enthusiasm for the job and knowledge about the company itself. If the role is in a slightly different area than your previous role, emphasise you are looking for a new challenge and mention your adaptability.

The best way to override prejudice is of course to appear competent and committed. However; investing in your health and appearance will also impress at interview. Make the effort to look the part and talk about outside interests – particularly those which keep you fit and active.

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