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June 24, 2011

Plus size clothing: A growing market

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While you may head in to some high street shops and feel like you are the only woman in Britain who is over a size 14, the truth is the UK market for plus-size clothing has never been bigger. According to research analysts Mintel (August 2010) the UK market for plus-size clothing grew by nearly half (45 per cent) over the previous five years, meaning those stores who are failing to provide an offering for this market are missing out on some serious cash.

In recent years the fashion industry as a whole has become far more inclusive, with plus-size models appearing on the catwalk, big name designers introducing larger sizes into their ranges and plus-size models appearing regularly on the pages and covers of the big name glossy magazines. There has even been campaigning from within the industry itself demanding women of all shapes and sizes be represented by the creative and powerful brands which drive fashion globally. The group All Walks Beyond the Catwalk was set up by influential individuals including Caryn Franklyn and Erin O’Connor.

As a result retailers are starting to take notice and stores’ ranges are beginning to include larger sizes, as well as more fashionable plus-size ranges.  While Mintel’s 2010 research found that over half of woman who are a size 18 or above found there was insufficient range or choice when it comes to buying plus-size clothing, the fashion tide does seem to be turning. Retailers with an online and high street presence such as leading the way when it comes to providing on-trend and affordable plus-size fashion. To read more about the developing plus-size market, see:


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