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November 26, 2012

Protecting your hearing: act now

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Hearing loss in not something that just older people need to worry about; the damage done to ears in early life can lead to problems later on.

And how will this cost you money? Hearing aids, even those offered by providers such as Amplifon, are expensive. They cost money upfront, then there are maintenance costs, the price of replacement batteries, and eventually a replacement device. Having a hearing aid is a financial commitment you become tied to.

And if you’re thinking you can just do without a hearing aid, you’re underestimating the impact on quality of life that comes from having hearing problems. Not being able to take part in conversations can lead to social exclusion and isolation, and eventually feelings of depression.

It is thought that one in six of the population has some form of hearing loss, so it is important that young people understand the need to look after hearing. Loud noises from music concerts was recently shown to cause hearing impairment in three-quarters of teenagers who attended. The noise level measured at concerts is consistently higher than safe limits, so wearing earplugs can prevent damage which will lead to reliance on hearing aids later in life. Think of it as an investment for future savings.

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